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Welcome to our website, We are UP The Band. Just a bunch of old school ex-hippie, yippie, yuppy puppy's who just love to play music and rock out for YOU!

We've been together for a while and feel our eclectic trip through the music timeline we call Sets 1,2,3 and 4 offer you a walk down memory lane as we croon to the tunes of the 50's, 60's, 70's. and 80's.

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Latest Events

  • 14March

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  • Saturday March 14th 2015 UP The Band rocked' out with our friends in Recovery at the Austin Alano Club -1504 10 Dr SE., Austin, MN 55912. Great Crowd - Who says sober people can't have any fun? GUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME !

  • 26October

  • Friday October 26th UP The Band rocked' out till well past the witching hour with the Gouls and Goulettes at the Austin Eagles Club -107 11th Street NE, Austin, MN 55912. Where GUESTS ARE ALWAYS WELCOME !

  • 25august

    UP The Band played for the First Annual Austin Arts Festival on August 25 at 11:00 am. The festival was a great place for area artists to show what thay can do and is going to be an annual event. UP rocked out for the "Crowd" Ahh Hem, and enjoyed the event immensly. Check out Video of the GIG

    Hope to see you all next year at the 2nd Annual Austin Arts Festival!
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  UP The Band

Great Classic Rock

You can probably tell that we have been at it for a while and plan on Rockin' until they pry our axes out of our dead hands.The shot above has us taking a break from a heavy jam session. We all love to Rock and Roll.

    You can book us for your event, by contacting us on our Contact Page.  In the meantime, check out some of our cover tunes on our Demos Page .

  • We will work up some of your favorite tunes for your wedding or anniversary get together. Let us put together our version of your favorite songs and do them for you right on que.

Thanks for stopping by and visiting our website. We hope we can do your gig soon!     Give us a call and we'll rock out for you.